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Primary Care Care Physicians In Fort Myers

Axel Health of Fort Myers Florida a physician-owned and managed practice, longtime local physicians and has grown to become a multidisciplinary practice in Southwest Florida with offices in Fort. Myers. Today Axel Health continues to be a leader in the community with top physicians and experienced professionals with offices conveniently located in Fort Myers, specialties including family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics. As healthcare continues to change and evolve, one thing remains the same for Axel Health – Primary Care Physicians – Family Care, which is exceptional physicians and other highly skilled professionals such as nurses, dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare to meet your family’s needs. . Our professional doctors and nurses provide medical services to patients of all ages.


If you are looking for a trusted Primary Care Physician near you, our family medical clinic provides advanced care for patients from infants to adults. We have digital x-rays, EKGs and more so we can cater to all your healthcare needs under one roof. Our family medical clinic is fully equipped with cutting edge technology. Our department promptly coordinates home health care, preoperative medical examinations, intravenous vitamin and mineral therapy for the treatment of various conditions.


Our physicians are committed to providing comprehensive quality health care to individuals and families. Axel Health Physicians will take the time to listen to you and ensure that you can work together on your overall health care plan. Our caring primary care doctors can help you with your medical needs.


Your PCP is likely to be the first to spot your health problem and refer you to other doctors who can give you more specialized care. Your care team may also include senior practitioners who work closely with your doctor to provide you with health care. The attending physician is the responsible physician and is solely responsible for your care.


Concierge medical care allows physicians to follow their calling to provide the highest possible quality of service and attention without compromise or conflict of interest. Discover the true meaning of direct medical practice in a Southwest Florida private medical practice run by concierges.


Daniel Stanciu, MD and Joel Pelissier, MD, are family medicine physicians work at Axel Health – Primary Care Physicians – Family Care . Our medical services are medical specialties including Internal Medicine, Family Practice, specialize in DOT physician, DOT physicals, family health care, holistic preventative care, preventive health check up, preventive health care, acute and chronic disease, healthcare, holistic integrative care center, integrated care,Concierge Medicine,Concierge medicine near me, and physical therapy, concierge services.


Compared to many other medical institutions, our primary care clinic includes health promotion, disease prevention, health management, treatment, patient education, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases.



Axel Health of Fort Myers Florida Primary care physicians go beyond what concierge physicians typically offer by focusing on prevention and developing a personalized wellness plan for patients through our wellness program. Internal medicine physicians are particularly well trained in diagnosing mysterious medical problems, managing chronic diseases on an ongoing basis, and caring for patients with more than one disease. Geriatrics is a uniquely developed field of healthcare that focuses on the needs and medical care of the elderly.


Caring for You for a Lifetime Daniel Stanciu, MD and Joel Pelissier, MD leads a team of internal medicine specialists who take pride in caring for their patients throughout their lives, whether in the office, clinic, hospital or intensive care and nursing homes. Daniel Stanciu, MD and Joel Pelissier, MD and Internal Health study is a true model “medical home” with comprehensive labs, diagnostic equipment, and primary care in a conveniently located office in Fort Myers, USA, Florida. I am extremely grateful to my insightful and dedicated patients who have accompanied me on this journey and made possible the development of my practice as a Primary Care Concierge. Southwest Florida Primary Care Physicians (PPCs) Southwest Florida has expanded its footprint with the opening of a new adult medicine office in Fort Myers, located at 4755 Summerlin Rd, Ste 8, Fort Myers, FL 33919


Choosing the right primary care physician in Fort Myers is critical to the health of you and your family. If you have a non-life-threatening medical emergency, skip the long hours in the emergency room and make an appointment with one of our primary care physicians. Our providers and employees are selected for their dedication and focus on prevention and proactive care.

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