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Dot Physicals in Fort Myers, FL

Under federal regulations, anyone applying for a CDL must undergo a physical examination by the Department of Transportation. A specially certified medical examiner must complete an A DOT medical exam. During your DOT medical exam, the examiner will assess your physical and mental health to make sure there are no pre-existing medical conditions that affect your ability to drive safely and drive.


The physical exam also gives you an opportunity to talk about your recurring discomfort or symptoms, or any other health problems you may have. When you arrive at Axel Health for your DOT physical exam, be prepared to provide a urine sample, a list of all medications you are currently taking, corrective lenses (glasses or contact lenses), and any information related to your health. history. Depending on the exam and medical history, your urine may also be tested for drugs.


If your medications or health conditions have changed since your last exam, you must bring your DOT exam documentation.) Before you go to your doctor, take a complete list of all medicines with dosages, names, and addresses of prescribing doctors.


In the first part of the physical examination, you will need to fill out a medical examination form with a detailed medical history. The exam is a unified series of medical history and exams for the US government, your employer, to ensure you meet the physical health requirements for safe commercial vehicle driving. Medical examinations are often required for work, school, summer camp, and sports.


At Axel Health Dr. Daniel Stanciu, MD and Dr. Joel Pelissier, MD, we provide specialized physical exams when it suits your schedule. In addition to standard physicists, Axel Health Dr. Daniel Stanciu, MD and Dr. Joel Pelissier, MD, physicians are trained in sports physicists, DOT physicists, and performance physicists.


Axel Health Dr. Daniel Stanciu, MD and Dr. Joel Pelissier, MD provides Department of Transportation (DOT) express checkups for all commercial drivers in Fort Myers, FL. Axel Health Dr. Daniel Stanciu, MD and Dr. Joel Pelissier, MD provides comprehensive and effective Department of Transportation (DOT) physical services for commercial and truck drivers in tFort Myers Florida,


Axel Health Dr. Daniel Stanciu, MD and Dr. Joel Pelissier, MD, can schedule a DOT or non-DOT medical examination at our location near you, ensure that all required paperwork is completed, and that you are issued a CDL medical card upon successful completion of the exam. All parameters assessed during the DOT exam may be privately pre-tested to ensure compliance.


The DOT exam is administered in a professional, comfortable and clean environment by a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration (FMCSA) certified medical examiner. The DOT exam must be administered by a licensed coroner listed on the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry. If your position is designated as “safety related” by the DOT, you must take regular DOT exams to demonstrate that you are in good health. If you have an amputation, a DOT inspector) will certify that you have a prosthesis that meets federal standards.


However, you can make an appointment on our website for fast local DOT exams provided by Axel Health.


Unless you are disqualified, held for further testing, or pending release or SPE, or the exam reveals a condition that requires recertification, your DOT certification is usually valid for 24 months after you receive it. Upon completion of the DOT medical examination, a qualified coroner will complete your DOT medical form and note any issues requiring monitoring or health problems that could adversely affect your ability to obtain or renew a DOT medical certificate. Axel Health provides DOT Physicians at our offices in Fort Myers, Florida and throughout for commercial vehicle drivers who must take a DOT Physics in Fort Myers, Florida for employment or to renew their medical certification .


Medical examiners conducting medical examinations of drivers must fully understand the medical standards of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and related guidelines. Supervisors must complete and successfully complete a DOT-approved supervisor training course.


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